Annette Whitaker Everett was raised in Spokane Washington, and from her childhood she has been an artist. Her art education started at Brigham Young University (1968–1971), the University of Utah (1971–1972), and the Art Academy of Cincinnati (1985). She continues to hone her craft through workshops and teaching in her studio. In 1997, Annette established BRUSHWORKS Fine Art Studio & Gallery with fellow-artists and friends, which became a classroom, workshop, clubhouse and creative sanctuary for their many students. Annette continues to be a teacher in her studio. She paints in pastel and oil, creating traditional and representational landscapes, portraits, and still life. Although sculpture is her focus now, Annette continues to do painting commissions.

Annette sculpts in clay, both oil base and water-base, creating figurative pieces in bronze and fired clay. She began sculpting as an assistant to L'Deane Trueblood, where she participated in the design and completion of several bronze monuments, including "Saint Clare" for the Saint Clare Catholic Hospital of Weston, Wisconsin, and "The Watermaster" in Saint George, Utah. She has three monuments in the Saint George area: "The Watermaster", "The Sandman", and "The Volunteer". "Duet, Mary & Martha", 1/2 life size of 40" has been purchased by the Springville Museum of Art, Springville, Utah, and by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Salt Lake City, Utah. Recently a new bas relief bronze of a billowing American flag was installed as the official flag for Washington County Justice Center, St. George, Utah.


April 2011

Dedication of new bronze monument, "With Liberty and Justice for All", Washington County Justice Center, St. George, Utah.

November 2010

Dixie State College presenter for "The Business of Art" and "Career Days" Seminars.

September 2010

Springville Arts Commission dedication of "Duet, Mary & Martha" and placement at City Hall, permanent outdoor exhibit, Springville, Utah.

February 2010

Dixie State College Sears Show, annual art event: 1st place sculpture, "Rite of Spring."

January 2010

"Duet, Mary & Martha", 40" 1/2 life-size Purchased by the LDS Church.

November-December 2009

Springville Museum of Art, Annual Spiritual and Religious Art of Utah, "Director's Award" and purchase award, "Duet, Mary & Martha" 40" 1/2 life-size.

April–October 2009

LDS Church International Art Competition, "Duet, Mary & Martha", 40" 1/2 life-size.

March 2008–March 2009

Art Around the Corner, "Duet, Mary & Martha" 40" 1/2 life-size.

Summer 2008

6" Bronze sculpture of a child chosen to represent The Thrasher Research Fund.

April 2008

Life–size monument for Santa Clara City Building, "The Volunteer" to commemorate the floods of 2005.

January 2008

Life–size monument for Santa Clara River and Virgin River Flood Relief Committee. "The Sandman", placed in Saint George Downtown Square to commemorate the floods of 2005.

December 2007

Awarded "Best of Show" for bronze sculpture, "Duet, Mary & Martha", 20" Maquette-size. American Women Artists National Competition & Exhibition, Scottsdale, AZ.

PERMANENT COLLECTIONS of civic leaders, fellow-artists and others

Dr. & Mrs. Ammon Strehlow, Mr. & Mrs. David Watson, Dr. and Mrs. Ray Richards, Dr. and Mrs. Craig Booth, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Hlavka, and many others. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints commissioned 2 paintings for permanent exhibit at the St. George Tabernacle. Dixie State College commissioned a painting for their permanent collection, "Dixie College Building". Two bronze monument sculptures commissioned for the cities of Saint George, Utah, and Santa Clara City, Utah.



Invited to serve on committee to begin annual outdoor exhibit, "Art Around the Corner"; subsequently, new bronze work shows in this exhibit every year.


"Saint George Museum of Art Meet the Artist" for many children of the local school district.


Served on the Saint George Visual Arts Committee. Painted for publication, "The Washington Dam n the Virgin River" for the Legacy Project, Saint George Visual Arts Committee


Summer 2007

Juried into Richard MacDonald Masters Figurative Sculpture Workshop.


Mission Gallery and Authentique Gallery Saint George Utah

199 North Main Street
St. George, Utah 84770

173 North Main Street
St. George, Utah 84770